Learn About Bhakti Yoga

In the practice of Bhakti Yoga, love and dedication are stressed. Several types of Bhakti Yoga do not preach the traditional technique of yoga as they put more importance on the love of God, the love of God in guy and submitting to God’s will. Basically, some people are naturally susceptible by their nature and character to be devotional and to love God, however Bhakti Yoga advises that you should maintain a balance. Potentially, we all use Bhakti Yoga in our everyday life, as, as an example, its application can be discovered in your daily contact with other people.

There is no predetermined or set technique of carrying out or applying Bhakti Yoga. It varies from individual to individual.
Some individuals may look for external help to support their prayer and meditation. This external help could consist of images of saints or messengers of God, the chanting of mantras or the singing of hymns.

No matter what you do, if it works for you in the long run, it is absolutely and perfectly appropriate, albeit the exact same approach might not work for or interest another person. There are a multitude of individuals who pick singing the names of God or singing hymns to raise awareness and charge the environments with absolute energy. For those who have trouble in focusing throughout meditation, prayer and shouting are most likely to be of terrific advantage.

Bhakti Yoga is therefore viewed as divine love. As a force of attraction, Swami Nikhilananda and Sri Ramakrishna Math state that love operates three levels:

  • Material
  • Human
  • Spiritual
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