Yoga Benefits

How to use Yoga for Soul Awaikening

A human life is a priceless present of God. The Lord does not have a greater present than this to provide his precious creatures. Its especialices and capacities are so remarkable that its outcomes can just amaze us. This gift has been provided to us to meet divine objectives. It is our ill-fate that we have actually forgotten our magnificent nature, God’s present and the objective/ importance of a human life. Neither do we understand our magnificent capacity, nor the Lord’s objective, wisdom or meditation. We are wandering off far in this dark, gloomy world. This lapse of memory is unusual. Individuals typically forget items and also exactly what they have checked out, heard etc. A person whom we had known in the past is now a stranger for us, since we have forgotten him. But it is unusual to find an individual who forgets himself. We believe ourselves to be a body with name and type. We prefer exactly what our mind desires, we look upon the body’s needs as our own need. The mind and body are the 2 wheels of the chariot of our life. We have totally forgotten that we are the soul and not the body. No doubt we hear time and again that the body is various from the soul. But it is very unusual that someone really experiences this fact. And even if we experience it, it remains in an extremely hazy manner. If we understand real truth and the difference in between the life-force and peripherals that manifests in our awareness, we will provide prime significance to soul wellness. We would provide just that much value to product things as is needed. Today we are strolling with feet without shoes and decorate our cars and trucks with frills of gold. We are dying of hunger and offer clarified butter to vehicles. ‘We’ indicates the soul and automobile implies body or mind. The Lord is serving his servants. It is undoubtedly odd that he has forgotten his responsibility.


The goal of life is to attain self-fulfillment. This self-fulfilled state can just be at the level of divinity. In order to attain God, the mind should get concentrated on him. Prior to building crucial structures, their maps, strategies and models are designed. An engineer, architect etc. will construct structures based upon these models. A picture of God with his qualities, activities and nature is performed for the purpose of meditation. As a result one experiences nearness, oneness and a sense of combining of God. This is the true nature of meditation.

The objective of true meditation is to regain our lost memory concerning our real nature. If someone happens to restore it, it is definitely akin to a male coming out of an extremely scary dream. It is just then that one experiences a condition akin to a child being lost in a massive crowd or like that of a guy who has lost the memory of his identity. Those undergoing such distress, experience a fantastic loss and they hurt their near and dear ones. Considering that we have actually lost our memory (that we are the mighty soul and not the body), our condition is as demeaning as a child lion being brought up in a household of goats. As a result we are providing discomfort to our true nature, which is divinity.

The goal of Yoga of meditation is to overcome loss of memory i.e. to awaken to the fact that we are the soul and not the body. Because one keeps in mind God and one experiences one’s soul nature. The memory of the union of a living being (Jiva) and God (Brahman) is re-activated and one experiences, that this extremely Divine Power contact was broken by us, remains in truth our Divine Mom and Benefactor. Not only this but like the proverbial wish-fulfilling cow (Kamadhenu), it is so powerful that by consuming its nectarine milk, we attain divinity. By sitting in the shade of a wish-fulfilling tree (Kalpavriksha) one can attain anything. After getting in touch with, coming close to that Divine Centre, one does not lack anything and hence we can get rid of all kinds of poverty. Therefore Yoga of Meditation assists us achieve this goal.


It is not something great to achieve Divine Powers. It should be secured from any kind of waste and need to never ever be misused. The benefits of achieving Divine Powers are encountered when they are gathered in a safe place and that they are utilized just for sacred tasks.

As a result of heat, a lot of water of the oceans gets converted to steam. Much steams rises into the environment from cooking gas, fire etc. All this enters waste. In an engine, a little bit of water is transformed to steam. This steam is not allowed to stray in the atmosphere and remains in fact collected in a tank. Later on its energy circulation passes out of a small hole and reaches the piston. As a result of this little process, the engine of a train begins operating. Not only does it move but it runs at a fantastic speed. Its motion is so powerful that it tugs alongwith it lots of other compartments at a high speed.

If tons of gun powder are spread out on the ground and lit with a match-stick, it will reveal a little light for a flash of a minute and after that get scorched to ashes. This is an overall wastage and is of no use to us. If it is enclosed in a little area of a gun and by pressing the trigger a little, triggers of fire touch the gunpowder, this infinitesimal gunpowder gives remarkable results. The bullet performs at a massive speed to its target. Wherever it lands, it falls that things. One can thus plainly keep in mind the distinction between just illuminating tons of gunpowder with a matchstick and on the other hand, lighting up a minute amount of gun powder in a gun.

The rays of sun light are spread all over the earth. Daily the sun increases then sets in the evening. This sunlight can offer just a little heat and light to us. But if a few sunrays are concentrated on paper utilizing an unique lens, the paper starts burning. If it is included a substantial jungle, a forest fire ensues which destroys that entire location to ashes.

During Draupadi’s Swayamvar (selecting you own groom), the condition for getting married to her was that the potential groom must pierce the eye of a bird placed at a distance with an arrow. Dronacharya was assisting his trainees to master this art. Before his students intended an arrow, Dronacharya would ask them as to exactly what they were seeing. On an average the students would state that are seeing a bird on the tree. As a result Dronacharya would state that such students would never ever prosper. When it was Arjun’s turn, he responded to that I can only see the bird’s eye and nothing else. Therefore Dronacharya declared that Arjun would definitely be successful. Really at the Swayamvara ceremony of Draupadi, Arjun pierced the eye of the bird with one single arrow and hence got married to Draupadi.

It is said that a flying creature called a ringing bee seize a caterpillar and continues to ringing in front of it. As a result of continually hearing the buzz of the bee and envisioning the bee’s kind, the mindset of the caterpillar ends up being that of a bee. The caterpillar begins thinking itself to be a ringing bee. As a result the body of the caterpillar takes the shape of a buzzing bee instead of a matured butterfly. Zoologists may question this however it is a definite truth that whenever guy concentrates/ focuses his mind on a particular name and kind, his mind too takes up the name, kind and qualities of that item. As a result of focusing her mind on appeal and youth, a prostitute restores her beauty to a terrific degree at an advanced age too. On the other hand, lots of young men and women look aged due to the fact that their minds are all the time thinking of hardships and dire circumstances. All this is an outcome of focusing one’s mind on a specific good/ bad thought. This could be intentional or unintended.

Spiritual concentration means to stop the mind from straying away from its center which after focusing one’s Divine Powers at one central centerpiece, one must use the exact same for sacred undertakings only. This is called control of mind or focusing of the psyche in spiritual texts. A great deal of discussion takes place regarding Yoga of Meditation. It should be surmised as an art of concentrating one’s mind. When we become aware of it, its success seems mediocre but in reality, it is a great achievement. When one masters this art, man by focusing his scattered conscious energy in one place, uses it for some sacred purpose and therefore attains incredible success.

Water is completed dams. However when it is ejected from a little opening, a stream of it streams at break neck speed because of water pressure produced by the dam. This flow has remarkable energy. Its impact aids the movement of wheels of lots of devices and as a result these makers begin moving. The building and construction of huge electric powerhouses takes place near enormous dams. It is very costly to produce electrical power utilizing engines and makers but hydroelectricity is inexpensively run near dams. Near smaller sized waterfalls, you have water mills. The resultant energy is not due to the stream of water but it is due to its concentration. By focusing a prevalent area in a smaller location, you produce power.

The objective of Yoga of Meditation is to concentrate psychological idea scattering in one little location of thought. The more a private is successful in focusing his mind, the more his mind will radiate with power. Like an arrow of word, it is easy for him to obtain his goal. If spirituality is his goal, he will advance spiritually and his mind will radiate with Ridhi-Sidhi or exactly what are called Divine Powers. If the objective is material development, we will attain this goal too. In whichever appropriate direction this energy is used, it will enjoy great dividends.

Concentration/ focusing methods conquering the inefficient scattering of the idea waves of our mind. By obstructing the water flow of a little stream, a dam is developed and hence a small pond, lake is produced. Artificial streams are created from this lake which give water to far off arid areas. If this stream were not converted into a dam, it would have lashed at the shores and caused inefficient flooding in surrounding regions. This would lead to product damage because area. One ought to not look upon the thought flow in our mind as less important when compared to a hydroelectricity generator. The power of an electrical power powerhouse is limited and can transmit electricity to a very minimal area in its vicinity. But this can not be said about the mind. Its potential of today can be augmented limitless fold in the future. Its area of influence which is today restricted to the friends and family will in future include the whole world.

Typically people of fantastic authority like researchers, philosophers, artists, scholars, carvers, authors, managers, leaders etc resemble normal laypersons. Their body is extremely ordinary and their minds do not have a wonderful wand. Whatever distinction one views in them alongwith the miracle of their greatness, is a result of their inner unique qualities which in turn belong to the focusing capacity of their mind and their steadfastness in reaching the preferred objective. Everybody has infinite quantity of intellectual energy. To the degree that weak brained people too have a lot of radiance. The distinction just is this that some have actually activated this glow and the rest have refrained from doing so. Even a very wise person is like a dead corpse when he is in deep sleep. However on waking up, he manifests his intellectual radiance. This holds true for the brain too. Due to particular scenarios, the intellectual powers of some individuals remains hidden and therefore look weak intellectually. If their intelligence is triggered with effort, not only will they be as brilliant as other wise people but in some cases they will march ahead of them too.

Everybody knows that numerous threads unite together to form a strong rope and lots of broomsticks collaborate to form a broom. Numerous drops of water constitute a jugful of water. This example is provided to accept the fact that by blocking the wayward scattering of the intelligence, one can focus/ concentrate one’s believed waves at a centerpiece. One can easily comprehend that stubborn scattering of thoughts in different instructions reduces our mental expertise and that if these thoughts are concentrated at one single point, it will give us incredible mental strength.

By advancing psychological concentration, terrific researchers, Yogis, theorists and so on go into the deep ocean called the mind and therefore collect invaluable jewels. Those who simply float on the surface of the sea, achieve nothing but those who dive deep into it, attain priceless materials. Superficial thinking resembles a wayward blade of yard moving aimlessly here and there. On the other hand focusing one’s thought waves at a single point in the mind through meditation offers amazing results.